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    Default New trailer options and price?

    I have an '89 Saltare with the original trailer which I suspect is a SMP, who of course are no longer in the trailer business. Trailer has seen better days, middle crossmember is cracked at the center low spot where it's rusted. I cleaned it inside and out, letting ospho do it's thing and will coat in/out with rust encapsulator, weld up the crack, grind smooth and put a 12ga plate 16" long on front and rear. Other crossmembers are not cracked but rear is crusty at the low point and I may plate that to get by a while longer. I suppose I could have new steel bent up to make new crossmembers but maybe a new trailer would be more prudent long term.

    Anyone with a Saltare/Pirata or other vintage Supra ever get a new trailer made? SMP is no longer making trailers. Boatmate? Any others? Does any company have the plans for original trailers? I like how the original trailer loads so don't want anything significantly different. Ballpark cost? Recommendations?

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    SMP is still in the trailer business, just not boat trailer business. I have been quoted 6-7K for a new trailer for my boat. National builders like Boatmate and Ez-Loader are an option. I did see an add for a trailer builder out of Missouri that would custom build trailers and ship nationally.

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