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    Default '06 21V PP settings...what do you use? that it's been a few years since the introduction of the 21v I wanted to dust off an old post and see if there's any new information out there on Perfect Pass settings. I have a '06 21v with 340hp and wake board prop and always have kept the settings factory. I do notice a little searching and variation in speed from time to time, but nothing too drastic.

    We usually run with full bags and 4-6 people in the boat. Any suggestions on settings?


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    I have a 07 21v which is slightly different then your perfect pass in that it maintains the Wakeplate position after coming up to speed.

    This might be the manual for your perfect pass:

    Other then setting your speedometer calibration or messing with KDW or throttle pull rate I don't think people mess too much with things.

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