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    First off, I'll say that I love my boat, but it's definitely having its fair share of minor issues. Some of the things are just disappointing to me even though I know some of the problems are not related to Supra but instead to other companies.....Boatmate, Indmar. I bought a new 21V as an upgrade from a Mobius LS that I bought new several years ago. Never had a problem with the Mobius, so I guess I just expected the same with the 21V.

    Issues so far mostly minor with the exception of 2

    Solenoid has gone bad or something similar with the front ballast.

    Depth finder has been going down hill since I bought the boat. At first it consistently gave good readings, now it's to the point where it has the 3 bars across the screen more often than it has a depth reading.

    One of the seat cushions is pulling apart in the corner.

    Trailer has some pretty thin paint especially in the tongue are. Several spots have cracks around the weld and are showing rust stains.

    The engine has been the big pain. 325 hp FI. Motor runs great at first. Once it gets hot and you let it sit for about an hour, it will not start. Opening the cover and cranking it once in a while until it cools off will get it started again, but I'm stumped as to what the problem is.

    I've also had the shift linkage cable pop off of the arm on the transmission leaving me stuck in forward with no way to stop the boat other than killing the motor.

    I still love this boat though and have a great dealer, so I'm sure all of these problems will get taken care of.

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    Tige' or MC next time.. see my thread to see all my little annoyances. For $50k I expected MUCH more. I had less problems with my $15k Bayliner.

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    My boat ('06 22SSV) has been good so far, all problems I have had are minor and were fixed almost right away when we told our dealer. Put on 30 hours so far, and the problems we've run into are: Ignition wiring came loose (would turn the engine off), staples not put in right on one of the cushions (sticks out), interior trim where floor and seats meet came loose (it's only put on with two sided tape), a speaker that pops (not associated with the use of other electronics, just blown).

    Although there is one problem now that is weird. Some times when the stereo is being used above the 20 level, smoke or fumes can be smelt coming from under the dash. Guessing it's bad wiring. This one is new, working on it now.

    Even with these problems, I love driving and riding behind my boat.

    Thats about all. I can deal with these problems. They shouldn't happen on a boat that costs 80k in Canada, but the dealer is a lot of help. If minor problems are the only ones we encounter with our boat, then I will definitely consider Supra in the future. I would recommend a Supra to others, but would like to see the quality control on the construction improved.

    I also had problems with the board racks, but I put the blame on roswell for those.

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    I think maybe satisfaction polls broken down by years would be interesting. I am seeing a pattern here of people praising their late mid 80's to late 90's boats and somewhere in the 2000's people are getting frustrated. What would be a good breakdown of years?

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    EXACTLY, I agree 100%, my pre -2000 Supra Boat was great, but my new 2006 Supra Lauch 24SSV Gravity Games boat is a LEMON, 27 different problem items, (but remember Skiers Choice says only normal) maybe normal for them, but not for my other boats, including other brands. I am waiting on a solution for my new boat that goes back and forth to the dealer every week, and has been back to the factory already also. 4 months of Supra Ownership equals 4 months of headaches.

    All I hear is that my boat is the only one that has problems, I am sure glad to know about the other boats with the same problems.

    I think we may all want to team up together and demand some satisfaction.

    Buyer beware!

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    Default 06 launch 20

    Hey everyone,
    Well let me start out by saying that I love my Supra , but like many in the BB I am not real happy with the quality control of the finished product.
    I don't know how long they give the people to rig the boats but little things like safety stickers being put on crooked to stripped screws. I overlook alot of the little things but when I think back at all of the things that I have had to redo because of poor craftmanship it gets to me....Just one of the major concerns that I hope nobody else with the directdrive luanch has to deal with, Try and put a fuel filter in!!!!!

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    I have an 85 Ts6M and have been pretty satisfied.

    The only downfalls are the Top end (40mph with water temps in the 70s) and the floor.

    All of us with older Supras know how poor the drainage is on these boats. If you waterski you don't want to drain any water anywhere but the center of the boat... And I thought these boats were designed to get wet

    I can't complain too much though, the floor lasted 20 yrs. After a new floor install last winter, the boat is about ready for a new owner. I need something a little faster for barefooting.

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    Default 88 supra comp

    The older boats will hold up much longer than the new boats but overall it comes down to how you take care of your boat. If you leave it in the water all of the time and don't clean it up after you take it out, you are bound to have a trashed boat. Another reason the older boats hold up better is because of the gel coat on them. Back then the chemicals going into the gel coats were not regulated much and were much stronger. But now all of the environmental regulations on the chemicals in the boats are weakening these boats. My families 88 comp is in great condition and we have had it from the early 90's. We just put a new tower and new decals on it and it is awesome. Best looking boat from the 80's I have ever seen.

    I feel bad for those of you out there who have bad supra dealers around you. My local Supra dealer in Irmo, SC is awesome. Its a great shop right on the lake. you can check them out at

    Supra Rocks!

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    Hi guys

    Saw this tread and already voted (donno what anymore)

    If i look back at the ordering and delivery of my new 2009 supra launch 22 ssv here in Europe there are a few things that don't satisfy me. (FYI this boat will cost me around $80k with taxes, transportation etc)

    Missing RCA cable from headunit tot amp
    Popping sounds when using wakeplate on speakers
    High pitched wyning sound over the speakers
    Standard Supra logo cover is not nice finished. There are a lot of seams and treads hanging loose on the inside of the cover and i think during time the cover will fall apart.
    Titan boardracks with brown stains

    If everything is solved under warrenty i will be satisfied but i live in Europe and we have one dealer here. My dealer is trying for me but he is a little player in the eyes of SC.

    I had an Moomba before and this warrenty thing is going to be a test if SC will be my next choice again

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    2003 Launch LTS here.

    No complaints at all. I bought it from my father in law dirt cheap and could sell it today and make 10K. BUT I love it to much. Direct Drive that has a relatively minimal wake. I still slalom so I love that. Load it up with peeps and weight and it throws a nice one for wakeboarding. The only thing I do not like is that it seems to take forever to dry the thing out once it gets wet. My dad has a centurion with snap in carpet that I really like for the convenience. I wish mine had this. Otherwise I am 100% content with it. The only thing that will make me look at other brands is that I hear Supra is no longer making a Direct Drive and I love DD's.
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