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    Just picked up a 2012 Supra Sunsport 20V we got a left over on the lot one and so far couldn't be happier.... I haven't got to ride behind her yet as the water here is still only 55 ish and no full suit but it is going to 80's this week so water will warm up nicely. I get SOOOO many compliments on the boat and the Lime green color is eye catching also! 18.5 hours and so far so good!

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    I recently bought a used 93 TS6, one of only 6 here in the UK. Several things that have bugged me is the screen de-laminating due to water ingress along the screen trim and getting in-between the glass plates and plastic laminate. Screens are no longer available so i had to have one made (im a picky git)

    Quality of the gauges is poor and i had to replace them all, but it is 22 years old so im not too bothered by it. (now replaced)

    Dash material is breaking up where the switched are mounted on the curved panel, so i have replaced it all with carbon.

    DO NOT TAKE IT OUT IN LESS THAN PERFECT WEATHER, these things do not like any waves at all, the ride is just awful in anything with a wave, i tried it out when i visited my yacht on the south coast of the UK, launched it 12 miles from my harbour and attempted to navigate to our marina....NO CHANCE. Discretion is the better part of valour so i turned back with the bilge pump running the whole way. Waves break over the gunnel's at low speed next time i will use only on the calmest of seas

    The wake is AWESOME, perfect for the proper sport of slalom and jump, flattening out at about 27-28mph, not quite as good as my old Nautique for trick speeds and doesnt have that table top at 20mph like the 2001. But with that said it hasnt really affected my trick runs, its just what you get used to though.
    Power delivery is perfect from the 351 PCM with later GT head motor. Holley as always requires constant fettling and tinkering to keep it tip top.

    I cant fault the build quality of the gel coat / glass / kevlar. so considering its a 22 yr old boat, it is a very capable tournament machine.

    Everyone at our club loves its sleek low in the water looks, wake and its power delivery.

    Would i buy a new Supra? possibly if they remade the TS6M and copied the format, if not then i would consider a Centurion CarbonPro as it is a *proper* ski boat. I do wakeboard but i am a waterski addict, wakeboarding is just a *to do* distraction when im too tired to run the course

    All in all, i love my Supra and i just wish they would re-introduce the TS6 and then i would buy it in a heart beat.
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    trying it and we will see

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    1991 Sunsport
    So far, so good.

    Weaknesses - Only those already identified by others on the forum (factory EFI, latches, factory exhaust wearing out, gel coat fade).

    Strengths - 351, deep hull, timeless looks

    I'd even buy another.

    Anybody have a Saltare for sale for a fair price?

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    very satisfied!

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