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    Default 2005 22 Launch Replacing Throttle and Shift Cables

    Over the summer my throttle had become sloppy so I decided to replace my throttle cable and and shift cable. As I got into the job I found that the problem was primarily caused by a worn-out brass pivot at the Teleflex Morse MV Control, so I ordered a pair of pivots along with new 23' cables. The problem is that the new Seastar pivots (I guess Seastar bought Teleflex?) are ever so slightly smaller than the original pivots, so there's still some slop in the throttle. The studs on the original pivots are a true 1/4" and the studs on the new pivots are probably 1/32" less than 1/4", and it matters. Has anyone else run into this problem?

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    I had that same problem with mine. I thought Iíd have to replace the cable also, but ended up tightening the nut on the throttle leaver, and then also tightening the nut on the backside holding the cable on the throttle along with some thread sealant. Seemed to really help my slop in my throttle.

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