The Supra Forums are a place for the positive exchange of ideas, experiences, and opinions, as well as general discussion that contributes to the boating community. Anything that takes place on Supra Forums should reflect this general standard and not run contrary to the culture, market position, or corporate mission of Skiers Choice.

To keep Supra Forums interesting and enjoyable for all, the below general rules of engagement are to be followed by all members and will be enforced by the moderators:

1) No profanity, sexually explicit comments, or flaming.
2) Racial, sexual, or ethnic slurs are not allowed.
3) Personal attacks, mean-spirited comments, and abusive behavior will not be tolerated.
4) It is fair game to debate, challenge, and question, keeping in mind the the guidelines above.
5) Non-boating related discussion is only permissible in the Supra Families Forum.
6) Political or Religious Discussion, even small quips, are not to be posted anywhere on the Supra Forums. Posts of this nature will be immediately removed.
7) The Supra forums are not a venue for agents or representatives of any company or business entity to advertise or promote any website, cause, movement, group, product, or service.
Links in posts and signatures are removed at the discretion of moderators.

Please use the Skiers Choice marketing materials as your guideline as to what pictures would be appropriate to share publicly on this forum. Photos that include women in bikinis are acceptable, provided they meet the above standard. However threads dedicated to this topic will be deleted by the moderators.

Thank you for your cooperation,
Supra Forums Staff