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    Quote Originally Posted by stinky_1 View Post
    I wish I could find the pics of my father in laws 85 sunsport with his tower on it. Its this style in this link

    I think he paid a bit less than that, but not much. I like that it folds pretty flat. And it is very very similar to the standard tower found on the supras for a long time. It may not follow the blocky windows of the older sunsports, but it does make it looks a lot newer.

    I just cant decide if I should go for black or brushed.
    This is the exact one i am looking at for my 86 supra..

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    Quote Originally Posted by vvfdfirefighter View Post
    How solid is that tower?
    Very. Many have approached me at the pump and docks with the same question. I barefoot from it! It's quiet when when in use and not. It does tear down easy when not in use so it has to be tightened before you go and use it.

    I have one that usually loosens up but the others stay tight.

    Mikey, thanks as well. It is a MT2.
    '92 Mariah

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