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Thread: Carter Lake, CO

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    Smile Carter Lake, CO

    I will be out on the Carter lake Friday, Sat, Sun morning if anyone wants to get pulled. I have a tower, wake rope and ski rope. Look for the White with Black trim Mariah w/ polished tower. South Launch.

    Wet suit probably required unless you are very hairy, like bear.

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    Brrrr -- or more hairy than a bear!

    I am supposed to be heading to Lake Powell that same time - water there is only
    60 degrees still, the ice water snow melt is raising that monster lake 8+ inches per
    day - and keeping the water COLD. Long suits for sure!
    2008 24 SSV, Gravity Games Edition.

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    Lake Powell! Lucky dog. We were gonna go there this year sometime. House boat trip but with money tight and gas high. Prolly just stayin local, waking up early.

    Maybe a McConaughy. It will be really full this year.

    Got my Northern Pacific surfing long suit ready! lol I may invest in a dry suit someday, I can use it diving as well. When I get it depends on the how bad the shrinkage factor is with my thick wetsuit.

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    was in carter yesterday. boyd today. water was coooolld. the wetsuit has taped seams so it is ok. water temp is around 50. just like winter in northern cali surfing. sooo once your face and feet go numb its ok. oh and keep your hands above water when waiting to get up. lol

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