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    Hoping mine is this simple. I might give it another shot. What size/thread is the drain plug?

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    Quote Originally Posted by zwhitston View Post
    I appreciate everyones advice. So I got the drain plug out without pulling the motor. After talking to three shops who said I needed to pull it, I felt like I had enough opposition to motivate myself. I cut the hose as close to the L fitting on the drain hole as I could. Then I placed a punch in the drain hose to create leverage. A couple of strong pulls and it broke free. I have since replaced it with a drain plug. The drain plug did not thread correctly so I think I have found my culprit. The leaking has slowed down though to buy me a little more time on the water before I will pull the motor and try to retap the drain hole or replace the pan. But for everyone else with this leak=- it is possible to replace the drain hose without pulling the motor.
    Wow... I didn't even have enough room for a wrench underneath mine (let alone my arm or hand.) Sounds like yours might have additional clearance.
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    The thread is half inch which has a 9/16 head on the drain plug. As far as clearance- take the whole "turtle shell" off so you have more room and go through the starboard side. Hope this helps!

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