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    Default 2000 Legacy 0 Slalom & Barefooting

    What can anyone tell me about the slalom and barefoot wake behind a 2000 Legacy? I have done both behind various Malibus, MCs, and Nautiques, but not a Supra. Please, comment from only those who have actual experience in that I have hydrofoiled, wakeboarded, kneeboarded, slalomed, and barefooted behind the other ones mentioned. I do not intend to sound mean, but do not want to go down rabbit trails. Thanks in advance.

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    This thread I had going might interest you.

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    KarolinaKid is a member here who has a Legacy and does both if I am not mistaken. I would try reaching out to him if he does not see this thread and respond. He had a Comp before the Legacy I think so he can talk about the differences between the two as they relate to his riding.
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