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    So Iím hopefully looking at picking up a saltare within the next few weeks and want to get a game plan for the sound system. Now as much as Iíd love to throw on some rev 10s or the 3 some I canít justify the cost of them for this boat. Iím planning on a total new system from source unit, amps, in boats, and adding tower speakers. I wanted to see what others have run for the tower speakers and what your reviews were of them.

    We predominantly kneeboard, wakeboard and if we get this boat end up setting it up for surfing as well.

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    Hey !
    My Saltare tower setup :
    HLCD on page 3

    Running a Soundstream pn4.520d for the whole boat. 2 channel on the tower, 2 channel for 4x 6.5'' Boss marine inboard speakers, and sub channel on a MTX RT12-04, home made box.

    Very efficient configuration, on a budget.

    If I change something, I probably would go for 3 new class D 2 channel amp to get more power on the sub and on the tower.

    As source, I have a car Pioneer CD/SD/USB radio, with the wire marine remote. Doesn't exist anymore unfortunatly. One important thing : go for a source that has 4 volts or more RCA outputs.
    1989 Supra Saltare

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